Turn repeat signups and account sharers into paying customers while keeping bad actors out
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Prebuilt libraries with easy-to-use APIs to get you started with just a few lines of code

Protection everywhere your users are

Web, Android or iOS we have you covered

Know what threats you face

See who is account sharing and what abuse or attacks are occuring

We protect privacy too

We are GDPR/CCPA compliant and only store what we need to keep users secure

Turn one paying user into many

We detect account sharers in real time and help you put them on the path to their own account or a family/team plan. With more than one third of users account sharing, converting account sharers can have a big impact.

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See for yourself

Below is your device's visit history to this page. Try going incognito, clearing cookies or changing from wifi to mobile data and see your history be maintained

Real users only

We keep users from signing up again and again and let legitimate users through without hassle on web, mobile and your APIs. Userwatch validates users information to make sure users are real, no more Joe Smith from

Stop account takeovers

Automatic protection against account takeovers, credential stuffing and password reuse with proactive compromise checking and simple on demand additional verification. We go further than just protecting logins, we can also protect key actions like purchase flows, sharing and security changes.

Security that won't harm your user experience

Your users want to get things done, good security shouldn't get in the way of that. Userwatch enables you to trigger painless challenges only when they are needed. We provide best practice designs to show how best to integrate challenges into common user flows.

Get growing

You can try Userwatch for free and get insights into how many users are sharing accounts and more.

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