Our mission is to make the internet a fair and safe place to transact

Userwatch is a technology company that protects users, businesses and their growth from abuse, fraud, bots and hackers.

With Userwatch, businesses can be aware of abuse as it happens and take measures to block it or nudge users down the right path. We do this all the while keeping businesses safe from bots and account takeovers.

Built by the best

The Userwatch team has previously built products that are used by hundreds of millions of users every day, including Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Maps and Canva. While working on these products the team has fought attacks from national states, spammers, scammers and abuse users at a scale of tens of millions of dollars a day.

Across the team we have published papers on machine learning and have more than 10 patents granted.

Keen to join?

We are growing and would love to chat! Email us at

Our team is based in 🐨 Sydney, Australia. We also support remote working 🌏

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